The Classroom as a Community of Care

If you are wondering how you can contribute to a culture of greater respect and accountability in the school community, this course is definitely for you.

A New Lens for Harm and Discipline

Over 30 years of experience in criminal justice and educational settings has taught us that incidents of conflict and harm provide vital opportunities for the development of social skills and positive values.  Building a safe and vibrant school learning environment requires looking beyond punishment-focussed discipline and toward a broader framework of healing and change.  As we move toward a restorative focus, the very questions we ask ourselves in the face of harm may differ significantly:

Punishment Focus                
-What rules have been broken?
-Who did it?
-What punishment do they deserve?
Restorative Focus
-Who has been harmed?
-What are their needs?
-Whose obligations are these?
-Who has a stake in this situation?
-What process is needed in order to collectively put things right?
                                                                       (Howard Zehr)

Yet leading positive change in school culture means more than simply adopting new forms of discipline.  Preventing harm and mitigating difficult behaviour at school requires a preventative stance that encompasses the art of community building, conflict management, and child and youth empowerment.  This course provides an overview of restorative justice principles and their application in the school environment, with an emphasis on the role of Principals and Vice Principals in stewarding a shift toward safer, more respectful school cultures. You will gain:

  • New ways to address harmful behaviour at school
  • Techniques on how to facilitate and model positive staff culture
  • An introduction to emerging processes and vocabulary taking hold within educational environments internationally
  • Lessons learned from the successful partnership of Community Justice Initiatives with the Langley School District in implementing restorative justice district-wide
  • A day of learning, insight, new connections and fun

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