Talking Peace:
Restorative Action in Elementary Schools

TALKING PEACE is a practical classroom resource that conveys the values and principles of Restorative Justice through fun activities and exercises. This simple, accessible booklet is perfect for engaging elementary students in ways that will encourage them to build a safer, more respectful community in the classroom.

Talking Peace was developed by the combined efforts of CJI and the Langley School District #35 through the Restorative Action Program.

Price: $15.00 (CAD)
How to Order: Visit the Langley School District Foundation website.

All sections have plenty of fun, interactive activities and exercises!


  • How to Use Talking Peace
  • Principles of Restorative Action
  • Hi Oen!

Unit 1

  • Hurt Alert!
  • Video Clues
  • Hurt Alert Scenarios
  • Hurt Alert Worksheet

Unit 2

  • Invite & Involve!
  • Two on a Crayon
  • Peace Table
  • Solution Popper
  • "Invite" Scenarios

Unit 3

  • Own Your Actions!
  • How to Build an Apology
  • Steps to an Apology (older students)
  • Steps to an Apology (younger students)
  • Apology Scenarios
  • Learning from Mistakes

Unit 4

  • Find Out the Effect on Others!
  • Oceas & Egalcans
  • The Ripple Effect
  • The Bigger Picture
  • In & Out of the Circle

Unit 5

  • Think About Next Time!
  • Problem-Solving Model
  • Solving Problems
  • Bone Up on Problem Solving Skills
  • Pick a Problem
  • A Safe Day at the Beach

Supplemental Material

  • Racing Recess
  • Posters

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