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VITAL CONVERSATIONS: Turning Conflict into Opportunity in Life and Work

(1-2 days)
Conflict is a natural part of day-to-day life. While conflict can be destructive, understanding its dynamics and having the skills to engage in productive dialogue can lead to positive and empowering outcomes. With a few simple tools, the quality of our interactions in conversation, problem-solving and conflict can be dramatically improved.

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RESTORATIVE ACTION: A Whole-School Approach

Challenging student behaviours can often be traced to breakdowns in social relationships. Our task, then, is that of building the social and emotional skills that create a sense of belonging, and that make the necessity of ‘intervention’ in harmful situations less common. This interactive one-day workshop helps educators make the shift from managing behaviours to building and repairing relationships.”

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(2-4 days)
Building a safe and vibrant school learning environment requires that we look beyond disciplinary approaches that rely solely on isolation and punishment. Incidents of conflict and harm provide important opportunities for the development of social skills and positive values. Restorative justice philosophy and practice gives frustrated parents and educators alike new strategies for effectively addressing challenging behaviours and the issues which underlie them.

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Drawing on the work of Canada's original restorative justice pioneers and best practices around the globe, this course will deliver the essential skills of convening harm-focused dialogue processes within organizational and educational settings.

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