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Conversation Peace:
Restorative Action in Secondary Schools

CONVERSATION PEACE is a curriculum carefully designed to train secondary students and staff in Restorative Action principles and conflict resolution skills for implementing effective and meaningful responses to harm. A restorative response addresses the underlying causes of conflict while bringing about accountability, healing and closure in situations such as name calling, threats, exclusion, interpersonal conflicts, property violation, physical assault and vandalism. The trainer kit consists of a comprehensive, step-by-step manual and two DVD's. Also available are workbooks that are essential to the curriculum and facilitate the skill-building process. They can be ordered separately depending on the number required. Conversation Peace was developed by the combined efforts of CJI and the Langley School District #35 through the Restorative Action Program.

Trainer Kit: 
includes trainer's manual and two short films (DVD)

Workbooks: (minimum order of 10)

How to Order: Currently not available

All sections have plenty of fun, interactive activities and exercises!

Day 1

  • Overview of goals, purpose, introductory exercises
  • An introduction to Restorative Action values and principles
  • Understanding conflict: conflict styles; assumptions and perceptions; anger

Day 2

  • More on Restorative Action values and principles
  • Demonstration of pre-mediation one-on-one meetings
  • Listening and communication skills:
    • Body language
    • How to listen empathically
    • Open and closed questions
    • Summarizing skills

Day 3

  • Communication Skills Practice
  • Confidentiality Issues
  • One-on-one meeting guidelines and role-plays
  • Mediator's role

Day 4

  • Mediation
  • Confidentiality Issues
  • One-on-one meeting guidelines and role-plays
  • Mediator's role
    • Structure
    • Demonstration
    • Stage-by-stage breakdown of mediation
  • Issues around taking responsibility
  • When to stop a mediation
  • Role-play practice
  • Closing

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